The Week That Was - And What A Week It Was...

International breaks are a weird thing for us bloggers. Well, not the bigger more general ones, but certainly for us club blogs. There's no match to look forward to in particular, meaning there's every chance the site will be left with a dearth of articles, or just posting up crap we've had lying around for ages.

Not so much here at Roker Report, as what looked like an easy/quiet week has turned into a bit of a monster, packed with articles.

So let us guide you through them, all in one easy to read format. Not only that but we'll point you in the direction of some other site's who've done some top notch work this week. Enjoy...

Monday seems as good a starting point as any, and on that day we looked back at the topsy-turvy game against West Brom. Chris Weatherspoon in fine form as he laid another Talking Tactics on us...

Click here to read Talking Tactics

Also that day, as per usual there's another Roker Rhymes for you all to enjoy in all it's glory. Dan Williams stepping up once again to deliver the lyrics all over your face/internet browser...

Click here to read Roker Rhymes

Then late on Monday there was some actual news to report. We tend not to publish rumours as there's A) too many B) they're tedious. However when Sir Niall Quinn steps aside and Ellis Short takes over the chairmanship, we needed to provide our own insight. Here's Michael Graham giving his thoughts on the situation...

Click here to read about the boardroom re-shuffle

Tuesday kicked off with another Top Ten via the brain of David Boyle. This week, following our recovery from a two goal deficit, Dave looked at our great comebacks over the years. Worth taking a look to see if you agree or disagree with the choices...

Click here to read SAFC's top ten comebacks

Tuesday is also the home of The Roker Ramble, where we look at life outside of Sunderland. This week young Mr Williams talks about money in football, and particularly Ligue 1...

Click here to read The Roker Ramble

Wednesday is usually a day chock-full of opinion, and this week was no different as we started off with Captains Blog by Michael Graham. Recently, Steve Bruce has been blaming everyone and everything for the teams short comings, and can't understand why we're a bit narked at the recent slump. In this, Michael tells Steve just why we're annoyed...

Click here to read Captains Blog

Also on that Wednesday, we heard from our uber-fan-come-weird-stalker-type-fella, Man On The Street. Back again to revel in our recent downfall as he and many other fans are keen to do, so we let him have his moment. Call it charity...

Click here to read Man On The Street

There's a Podcast out too. Dan Williams filling in for me whilst I was away again, and he pulled together a top show. I'll even let him off the dodgy music at the end. 

Click here to get subscribed to The Roker Report podcast

On Thursday, with no Cult Heroes to do, we rolled out a new feature - My First Game - fairly self explanatory, to be honest, and in it we want YOU to tell us all about your first game. No matter how recent or irrelevant, so long as it's SAFC, it's your chance to shine. If you want to do one, details are in the post...

Click here to read the first ever "My First Game"

That same day we also had the pleasure of chatting with highly regarded writer, Jonathan Wilson. He's got a new book about Brian Clough coming out, so we talked about Cloughie and more in this great interview...

Click here to read about Brian Clough and more with Jonathan Wilson

Friday, an international break, what we gonna do? We'll bring in yet another feature. In this, Dan Williams dives into the personal diaries of our beloved mascots, Samson & Delilah. It's really rather revealing...

Click here to read Delilah's Diary

And to finish up the week, we decided to take a look at how the season's gone so far. Each and every Roker Reporter weighed in with a quick opinion on how things are going, and there was some unity in there, but strangely different. Give it a read...

Click here to read our mid-term report

And that's it. We've got a few bits and bobs to go over at the weekend too mind you, but I'm sure you'll be back for those soon enough. For now though, if none of that tickled your fancy, here's some top stuff we've seen elsewhere this week...

First up, a little trip to the exceptional Ghost Goal. I don't know about you, but I've not managed to sit through an entire Sunday Supplement on Sky for quite some time due to the sheer ineptitude of the journalists on there. Here, Adam Bate basically says exactly what I, and no doubt countless others, were thinking the other week when attention turned to Serie A...

Click here to read What's The Truth About Serie A?

It's been a while since we went to Surreal Football, but when you combine their excellence with the genius of Toblerone Jones, there can only be one outcome. Here, in all it's glory, is a match report like you've never seen from the North London derby...

Click here to read a North London derby match report, Vuvuzela style

And to finish, we go to Footy Ramblings. Here, they've/he's written about how bloggers are taking over from the so-called main-stream media. I hope they/we do. Actually more just me, sod the rest of you. I jest. Great article. Read it...

Click here to read The Football Revolution

And that's it, stay on this very site for top shizness over the weekend, and more of the same next week. Toodles (copyright David Boyle).

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